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Lets go straight to Tip number 1: Give Attention to Details




Details are critical for the following points




It is important not just to have a vision but also to know what are the scope and all exclusions of the vision.


Don’t just understand the project’s objectives but have a detailed direction on how to achieve those objectives


Project plan. A well defined and clearly communicated project plan taking into consideration all known factors like time, cost, risks etc


In our very lives today details are not common place. An average Nigerian working professional does not run a budget, neither does he have a retirement plan. He just wakes up everyday and goes to work without a clear cut mission of how long he intend to stay on the job and step-by-step plan to get him out when the time comes. The same attitude is carried on to our projects. Projects are different from processes. We must have very detailed parameters governing not just our projects but also our lives.




I have discovered people will naturally yield and give more to a vision than a need. The vision therefore must be very clear and unambiguously defined. What is the use of a vision that stakeholders cannot relate to because it is not well explained. As a manager with project team to guide and provide leadership to, you must adapt the vision to each person and their role. This is necessary for simplicity sake. Though details must be achieved on all that has to do with the project at hand, simplicity should not be compromised.






Next week we will explore tip number two: Communicate to Be Understood. Please join us.


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Guidelines for Effective & Efficient Meetings


One of the essential ingredient for team building, making group decisions, solving group problems and achieving

a group consensus is a meeting.

The project manager should abide by the following guidelines for ensuring efficient and effective meetings that hold the attention and interest of all team members:




1. establish a meeting policy


2. Only call a meeting when there is a real need


3. Make the purpose of the meeting very clear


4. prepare an agenda


5. Follow the agenda


6. Encourage participation


7. Include a team-building element


8. Issue mistakes.


9. Follow up on all task assignments and action items

  poor meetings are usually a result of poor preparation and inept or incompetent chairperson.

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I have been privileged in my many years of professional activities to meet many project managers both home and abroad. I discovered that we have so many schooled and certified professional but very few real leaders. According to a Survey Carried out by KPMG of 252organisations, technology is not the most critical factor that determines project success. Inadequate project management implementation constitutes 32% of project failures, lack of communication constitutes 20%, and unfamiliarity with scope and complexity constitutes 17%. Accordingly 69% of project failures are due to lack and/or improper implementation of project management methodologies.
The above project failure indices are directly or indirectly the project manager’s shortcoming. The most popular definition of leadership I believe is influence. As a project manager, the ability to inspire the entire project team toward achieving the desired goal and project objective is key to successful project implementation. Some project managers are simply administrators, while some are project coordinators. However, the game of being a ‘leader’ project manager is far more than just administration or coordination. I gave presentations and facilitated workshops on this subject in our numerous professional forums. Many times, beyond the presentation, it was the debate with the novice and the experienced project managers about what are the most important skill set that drives me to further increase my study and concepts in this area.
I made sure that my points are not out of head knowledge or some form of pseudo perception of the ideal. I have carefully studied exceptional project managers and have documented my discovery not just for classroom purposes but for life application.
All the points mentioned below are crucial for superlative project governance:
  • Give attention to detail
  • Communicate to be understood
  • Learn to be a power negotiator
  • Be a positive thinker
  • Be as flexible as you can
We shall expatiate further next week. Please join us.

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